With all the various titles in the world there is no way we could list all of them here.  Below is just a sample list of positions that we can support.  If you don't see yours listed here please MESSAGE US and let us know what you're looking for.


3D Designer 

3D Drafter 

Account Manager 


Analog Engineer                    


Application Engineer    

Architectural Drafter

Architectural Designer                     

Architectural Engineer                    

Area Manager                    

Asset Manager                    

Assistant Engineer                    

Assistant Plant Manager                    

AutoCAD Designer                    

AutoCAD Drafter   

Automation Engineer                    

Automotive Engineer                       

Business Analyst                       

Business Development Manager    


CAD Designer    

CAD Drafter  

Cad Operator    


Chemical Engineer    


Chemistry Manager                    

Chief Engineer                       

Civil Designer                     

Civil Engineer               

Civil Field Engineer                    


CNC Programmer      

Commissioning Engineer   

Commissioning Manager                    

Commodities Manager                     

Compliance Engineer                       

Construction Administrator

Construction Engineer                

Construction Manager      

Construction Superintendent                    

Construction Supervisor                     


Continuous Improvement Engineer  

Continuous Improvement Manager    

Contract Engineer                     

Contracts Administrator   

Contracts Manager    

Control Room Operator                     


Controls Engineer                       

Controls Technician    

Corrosion Engineer                       

Cost Engineer       

Cost Estimator                    

Customer Service Engineer                       

Design Engineer        


Diesel Mechanic                    


Director of Electrical Engineering                    

Director of Engineering      

Director of Plant Operations                     

Distribution Designer                    

Distribution Engineer                     

Division Manager                    



Drilling Engineer                    

Electrical Design Engineer       

Electrical Designer     

Electrical Drafter                    

Electrical Engineer    

Electrical Supervisor      

Electrical Technician       


Electro-Mechanical Designer                    

Electro-Mechanical Engineer    

Electro-mechanical Technician    

Electronic Engineer    

Electronics Designer                       

Electronics Technician                     

Energy Manager                       

Engineering Associate    

Engineering Manager          

Entry Level Engineer    

Environmental Engineer  

Environmental Health Safety Engineer       

Equipment Engineer                    

Estimating Manager                     



E&I Engineer                       

Facilities Drafter                    

Facilities Engineer   

Facilities Manager                    

FEA Engineer      

Field Administrator                    

Field Service Engineer      

Field Service Manager                       

Field Service Technician     

Financial Analyst                       

Fire Protection Engineer                    

Firmware Engineer                    

Gas Transmission Engineer                    

General Manager                     

Generator Technician                       


GIS Analyst                       

GIS Technician                       

Graphics Designer                    

Hardware Engineer      

Human Resource Generalist                    

Human Resources Manager    

HVAC Drafter                    

HVAC Technician

HVAC Engineer  

Implementation Manager                       

Industrial Engineer               


Instrumentation Designer   

Instrumentation Engineer     

Instrumentation Technician                    

Inventory Manager                     

I&C Engineer       

I&C Technician     

Junior Engineer                     

Laboratory Technician    

Landscape Architect                    

Lead Engineer    

Lean Engineer                     

Leasing Specialist    

Logistics Engineer                     

Machine Designer                    

Machine Engineer                    

Machine Technician                    


Maintenance Engineer   

Maintenance Manager     

Maintenance Superintendant                     

Maintenance Superintendent                     

Maintenance Supervisor                 

Maintenance Technician         


Manufacturing Engineer                    

Marketing Manager                       

Master Scheduler                       

Material Science Engineer      


Mechanical Design Engineer          

Mechanical Designer   

Mechanical Drafter     

Mechanical Engineer                       

Mechanical Field Engineer                    

Mechanical Inspector  

Mechanical Technician               

Metallurgical Engineer    


Model Maker                    

Mold Maker     

Network Engineer      

Network Technician                    

Operations Engineer                    

Operations Manager     

Operations Team Leader                       


Optics Engineer                       

O&M Tech                    

Packaging Engineer     

PCB Designer                     

Performance Engineer                     

Pipeline Engineer   

Piping Designer                       

Piping Drafter                    

Piping Stress Engineer                       


Planner Scheduler                       

Planning Engineer                    

Plant Engineer  

Plant Manager      

Plant Production Manager                    

Plant Production Supervisor                    

Plant Superintendent                    

Plastics Engineer   

PLC Engineer      

PLC Programmer                       

PLC Tech                    

Plumbing Designer                    

Power Engineer    

Principal Engineer   

Process Control Engineer    

Process Design Engineer      

Process Engineer           

Process Technician  

Procurement Manager      

Procurement Specialist    

Product Design Engineer     

Product Engineer             

Production Engineer   

Production Manager                

Production Supervisor           

Program Manager    


Project Controls Engineer                     

Project Controls Manager    

Project Coordinator      

Project Engineer        

Project Manager                       

Proposal Engineering Coordinator                    

QA/QC Manager   

QA/QC Technician    

Quality Assurance Engineer      

Quality Assurance Manager      

Quality Control Engineer                       

Quality Control Manager                     

Quality Director                       

Quality Engineer    

Quality Manager      


Regulatory Affairs  

Relay Technician    

Reliability Engineer    

Reliability Manager    

Research Engineer                       

Reservoir Engineer 

REVIT Technician 

REVIT Drafter

REVIT Designer           

RF Engineer   

RF Technician                       

Rigger Engineer                    

Rotating Equipment Engineer   

R&D Engineer     

R&D Technician                    

Safety Engineer      

Safety Manager       

Sales Engineer                 

Sales Manager    

Sales Support Coordinators

Sales / Account Manager          

SCADA Engineer                       

Scada Technician                     



Senior Civil Engineer                    

Senior Electrical Engineer    

Senior Manufacturing Engineer    

Senior Mechanical Engineer    

Senior Process Engineer    

Senior Project Manager  

Service Engineer      

Service Manager                    

Service Specialist                    

Shift Supervisor                     

Site Acquisition Manager                     

Site Engineer                    

Site Manager                       

Software Engineer     


Startup Engineer                    

Steel Detailer                    

Structural Designer                       

Structural Engineer               

Substation Engineer  



Supplier Quality Engineer      

Switch Technician      

Systems Engineer    

Technical Manager                    

Technical Specialist    

Technical Support    

Technical Support Engineer                     

Technical Writer  


Telecommunications Engineer    

Telecommunications Technician       

Test Engineer      

Test Technician     

Tool Designer           

Tooling Engineer     


Transmission Engineer    

Transmission Planning Engineer                     

Transportation Engineer                     

Turbine Engineer  

Turnaround Manager                     

Utilities Engineer                     

Validation Engineer   

Vice President of Engineering

Vice President of Architecture                      

Warehouse Manager                       

Water Treatment Chemists         

Welding Engineers