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Thank you for taking a closer look at our firm, E-SEARCH, LLC.  We realize that you have many recruiting choices to work with in this growing global economy.  Our goal is to assist and encourage you during your job search and throughout your career.  With the fast changing job market, we recommend that you maintain relationships with various recruiters even while you're still employed.  It's beneficial to network and keep abreast of opportunities and changes in your industry.  Our recruiters understand that a job search can be a very private matter.  We acknowledge that you may need to conduct a confidential search while still employed.  We WILL NOT submit your resume to a client until we have your permission to do so.  As noted on this website, we support the searches for a wide variety of specialized professionals.  Our search consultants are communicating with managers, owners and other hiring professionals on a daily basis to understand current and future hiring needs.  If you're working, unemployed, or just thinking about a career change, please contact us today to set up a phone call or one-on-one meeting to discuss your short and/or long-term career goals.

If you have any questions or if you would like to visit with our team about your resume please contact our office today ( Toll Free - 1.866.386.5800).

Our Specialized Search to help you!

Our professionally trained search consultants have been collaborating with skilled professionals throughout the region for the past 20+ years.  We are constantly networking and assisting professionals in a variety of industries. 

We realize that searching for a new position can be a big task, and our goal is to help you simplify that process and support you as you make the next step on your career journey.  Whether you have a dated resume that needs improvement, interview skills that need some updating, or if you're just having trouble figuring our that next step....we can help guide you during that process.

The Right Timing

The recruiters at E-SEARCH, LLC understand that the right timing is important for most of the candidates that we work with.  Due to projects, work load, or other outside factors you may or may not be ready to make move.   Just let us know your intentions and we'll work with you to support that goal.

We'll Keep Your Search Confidential

If you're presently employed we respect your need for confidentiality.  Our goal would be to work with you through the search process and make ourselves available evenings and weekends for your convenience.

We're Using Social Media

Using social media is a must for today's recruiter and we're constantly testing new sites and learning from our clients and candidates about the latest trends.  Let us know if you like to use a particular site or service.  Message Us

Job Openings

Due to the volume and the speed at which we often receive and fill open positions, not all available positions will be posted on our Job Openings page.  If you see a similar job posted, please send us a resume!  We're always willing to hear about someone's search... so please apply here today.


We understand that getting to our office may not be easy or convenient for you.  Our recruiting team members can make arrangements to meet you at a convenient offsite location near your work or along your commute route...such as a coffee shop or nearby restaurant.  Or, if you can make it to our office, we'd gladly to welcome you into our newly remodeled office space located in the heart of Westport Plaza.

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*Our recruiters and search consultants are willing to meet or talk on the weekends when needed.


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